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I am an Austin native. Rare, I know! I love this city so much that I have chosen to stay here to raise my family. Photography has been my passion since childhood. Having the opportunity to do this, as a profession, is an actual dream come true! I graduated from St. Edward's University with a bachelor's in Communication, specializing in Photo Communication (although, it was primarily film back then!) Moments are fleeting and they turn into memories. I'm here to help you keep them.

Inspired By Film

I've been doing photography for a long time. I remember developing, enlarging and printing in the darkroom... sometimes I would be there from 9am to 9pm! Now, I primarily shoot digital, but film will always have my heart.

I’m a mom of two rambuctious kiddos, two sweet pups and an old grumpy cat. I love meeting new people and new pets!

Why I do what I do... it’s my superpower. I can freeze time y’all. Storytelling is so important and it’s one of the main things that makes us human. I can be very sentimental sometimes because I value & respect the time we are given to live our lives. We all have stories that future generations deserve to see. I want to show them your legacy.

Meet Lyndsey

This gorgeous lady and I are combining our superpowers! 💪

Lyndsey, founder of @duality_salon, is a professional Makeup Maven and Hair Extraordinaire! I am so excited to announce that we will be working together to make you shine like the diamond that you are! 💎

We will take care of everything for you. Hair? DONE. Makeup? DONE. Memories that will last a lifetime? DONE. So sit back, relax, and get your glam on!

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"We asked Eliza to do a 'Mommy and Me' session at the park. The photos are so amazing that I purchased the entire gallery! It’s a true reflection of her talents snd her passion for her craft." - Heather Saucedo

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Polar Bear, 14 years old; 2006-2020